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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  We need full time support, can you offer this service?

Yes, we specialise in establishing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. Our consultants can become embedded in your organisation to whatever level you require, and for a duration and frequency that suits you. This can be from full time to any number of scheduled visits per year. The main advantage of this type of arrangement is that the consultant becomes familiar with your organisation and provides a more tailored and focussed service. READ MORE >


 02  I am a HSE specialist but my role now includes OSR, can you support me?

Consult Per Hour is our remote consulting service, giving you access to our services whenever and whereever you need it. Particularly useful for the provision of oil spill reponse expertise to support multi-role emergency response, safety or environmental staff. We are always by your side and can assist with a wide range of tasks without the need to continually engage consultants. READ MORE >



 03  We are operating in India, can you conduct training courses at our location?

All of our training courses are delivered at the client's venue; this can be at their onshore offices, offshore platforms or other locations. This has included support vessels or even warehouses! There are many benefits to the client with this approach. Examples of which are: it causes minimum disruption to personnel and their work schedules and; the training is delivered in the environment that they are operating in.



 04  Can we include your contact details in our contingency plans?

Yes, you are welcome to include our details in your contingency plans. However, this does not guarantee availability, but we do prioritise response work over other more routine projects. We find that even when we are working with a client on a consulting project, they are happy to release us in the event of an incident suffered by another client. They appreciate that the strenght of the service we provide is derived from the experience gained during our involvement in incidents and will ultimately benefit from any lessons learnt.



 05  Our operations are in a very senstive area, can we rely on your confidentality?

Yes, you can. We take client confidentality seriously. You can be confident that all information, documentation, verbal comments, contact details etc. that have been provided to us. either directly or indirectly, will be kept securely and in the strictest of confidence. We recognise that the reasons for confidentiality will vary according to individual circumstances and we will always be conscious of this during any dealings we have with third parties on your behalf.



 06  What does Neocos mean?

Neocos is simply made up of the first two letters of the surnames of the three partners, Virginia Nelson, Kevin O'Connell and John Ostergaard, so it stands for personable, professional, reliable, confidential and proven oil spill preparedness and response services.


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