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Consulting and Expertise


We offer a cost effective knowledgeable consultancy service covering a comprehensive range of services underpinned by our extensive interna­tional experience.


Our services are constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of the international community with increasing levels of environ­mental awareness.


Our track record in a variety of projects for a wide spectrum of clients has demonstrated that we can deliver high quality and innovative services in a timely manner.


We can meet your requirements with the provision of highly experienced individuals for a single project or on a long term basis.


  • Contingency Planning

  • Preparedness Reviews

  • Response Team Support

  • Incident Management

  • Expert Secondments

  • Compensation Claim Management

  • Contractor Performance Audits

  • Crisis Management

  • Response Advice

  • Support to Industry Initiatives

  • Training Needs Analysis

  • Community Engagement Planning

  • Wildlife Response Planning

  • Net Environmental Benefit Analysis Studies

  • And more...

Exercises and Drills


Regular exercises are essential to ensure that personnel and resources are prepared to deal with an oil spill incident by:


  • reinforcing knowledge gained through training,

  • testing contingency plans and emergency arrangements,

  • building up their confidence and ability

  • enabling them to fulfil their designated role.


Realistic scenarios


Our exercises are developed and based on realistic scenarios utilizing our experience of responding to oil spills world-wide. We also ensure that each exercise contains a significant educational element.


Structured approach


Our approach to each project is structured to reflect best industry practice from the design stage through to de­velopment and conducting the exercise, followed by a comprehensive review. We produce a detailed report to highlight any improve­ments required, both in your preparedness procedures and your training and exer­cise programme.


Typical exercises


Notification Exercises

Notification exercises are used to test communications systems, alerting and reporting to external agencies, internal mobilization of staff and that contact details are up to date. The availability of personnel can also be monitored. The exercise may be held at any time of the day or night and may be either announced or unannounced.

Typical Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Recommended Frequency: 1 - 4 months


Table-top Exercises

A Table-top exercise will involve a response team discussing a simulated scenario but without the mobilization of equipment and additional personnel. This may involve a number of groups and in separate rooms or at remote locations communicating by telephone or e-mail. This type of exercise is an excellent method for introducing staff to their contingency plan and as a training tool.

Typical Duration: 2 - 8 hours

Recommended Frequency: 2 - 4 months


Equipment Deployment Drills

This exercise tests the capability of a response team to deploy its oil spill response equipment. The exercise should also involve members of boat crews to acquaint them with the difficulties associated with the deployment of equipment in a marine environment. It is also an excellent method for testing and refining pre-agreed containment and protection plans.

Typical Duration: 4 - 8 hours

Recommended Frequency: 2 - 4 months


Incident Management Exercises

An incident Management exercise should involve the full mobilization of the Incident Management Team and can include the involvement of key external agencies. Role players can be utilized to simulate the roles of internal departments, other external agencies and the media. It is important that steps are taken to ensure that the exercise is as realistic as possible.

Typical Duration: 8 - 48 hours

Recommended Frequency: 6 - 12 months

Training Courses


We deliver training courses that develop true knowledge in the participants. This is achieved through engaging and interactive sessions that use our unique graphics and frequent classroom exercises to ensure everyone learns and key messages are retained.


We also recognise that the exposure to formal oil spill training sessions is undertaken by each individual infrequently, perhaps only once every few years. This means there is a risk that people can feel exposed and can lack the confidence to make decisions during company exercises or in a real incident. We provide the skills, knowledge and tools to build this confidence and ensure effective preparedness and response.


We give you more


Courses are customised for our clients to suit their operating environment. We know that returning from a training course with nothing but a file full of presentation slide reproductions or similar is of little benefit to anyone.


Each participant on our courses receives a full colour reference book, electronic aids, reference material from ITOPF, IMO and IPIECA, easy links to extensive web resources and course photo gallery.

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