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Building Response Capability

Our client, a major oil company, operating in an area where there are very limited levels of mutual cooperation, requested that we look at the upgrade of their oil spill response Tier 2 capability. A stockpile had been in place and maintained by a specialist contractor for over 10 years. Production in the oil field had more than doubled since the existing OSR centre was established. Some of the equipment was at, or nearing, the end of its service life.

We worked with our client and its contractors to agree measures to expand the existing response capability. This included a $15 million investment in new equipment, an increase in the frequency and quality of exercises and drills, and developing outline plans for a new OSR Centre. We supervised the technical aspects of the procurement of a variety of equipment from a number of manufacturers. Our client benefited from our impartial advice on the most suitable equipment for their circumstances. Our knowledge is derived from decades of using the equipment and our knowledge of the strengths of each piece of equipment and its manufacturer.

For further information, please contact Kevin O'Connell.

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