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Innovation and Development

We are always seeking improvements and innovation in everything that we do. We work with various manufacturers and provide constant feedback on their products and deployments methods. Our client, an independent oil company working in seven countries, were seeking a solution for the delivery of dispersants in area where dispersant usage is controversial. Due to the location of the risk, dispersants were chosen as the most practical frontline response. Shipyard designed dispersant system had been fitted to oil field support vessels, however these did not offer the most efficient method for the accurate delivery of the dispersant.

We worked with a manufacturer who had already developed the most reliable and rapidly deployable dispersant delivery systems. The most suitable solution for our client was to further develop this product to enable full touchscreen control in the bridge of the vessel. This allowed the vessel's master to fully control the pumping rate and dispersant flow rate form the bridge of the vessel. Major benefits of this approach is that spraying is more accurate and better record can be kept of when and where dispersants have been sprayed. An additional feature of the system was the inclusion of Training Mode; this allowed the system to simulate the spraying of dispersants for training and exercise purposes.

For further information, please contact Kevin O'Connell.

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