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Contingency Planning

Oil spill contingency planning is a process to ensure that the oil spill preparedness process across an organization or facility follows a consistent approach for developing a suitable oil spill response capability that complies with applicable regulatory frameworks, adheres to industry good practice and is commensurate with the oil spill risks. The complexity of the planning process depends on the type of operation, local conditions and, environmental and socio-economic sensitivities. However, the overall objective of the planning process is to develop a capability to effectively react to, and sustain a response to, an oil spill.

We have assisted many organisations in the development of this planning process including assisting organizations to fulfil their obligations in assessing, reviewing and updating oil spill response preparedness. We review internal documentation, including oil spill response plans, in relation to, where applicable, onshore, offshore and terminal operations and external national oil spill plans. We carry out a gap analysis between the OSRP, corporate and/or industry standards and, identify gaps and measures for improvement in either the documentation or in the spill management response organization

We worked with a major oil company that is the operator of offshore oil fields, an onshore terminal and an 1800 km pipeline across three countries. This is a large-scale and complex oil industry investment and development, and our consultancy services encompassed a range of oil spill planning and preparedness issues across marine and pipeline operations. We assisted the company to fulfil its obligations – particularly in relation to lending institution requirements – in assessing, reviewing and updating oil spill response capabilities and plans.

In addition to the above, we prepared and developed complimentary/associated documentation in Wildlife Response Plans (across the three countries) and developed and carried out wildlife response training for their personnel, 3rd party contractors, NGOs and local vets. As well as carrying out audits of their Tier 2 and Tier 3 oil spill response contractor (across the three countries) and their oil spill response equipment and bases. We even went so far as the preparation of their OSR Tier 2 service contract and technical evaluation and analysis of tenders.

We have also been involved in governmental contingency planning in most UNEP Regional Sea Areas like East and West Africa, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Gulf (ROPME Sea Area), Indian Ocean Islands, South Asian Sea Area, ASEAN Region, and North West Pacific Region.

For further information, please contact Virginia Nelson.

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